Twitter Bootstrap broken in Windows Phone, Wensus image

Unfortunately the latest Twitter Bootstrap is broken with Windows Phone: The responsive layout doesn't work.

We noticed this when updating the Wensus website. This is how the site worked with a version 2.2.1 (captured from Windows Phone emulator):

And this is what happened after we upgraded to latest Twitter Bootstrap version (2.3.1):

Rolling back to 2.2.1 fixed the issue.

There's a short discussion about this on GitHub dating back to last December. The issue has been closed as the Bootstrap team doesn't officially support Windows Phone. Which is really unfortunate.


Comment by bradbamford

I've run into this issue as well. What specifically is causing the issue, have you been able to determine it?

It must be something simple, we can work around.

Comment by Mikael Koskinen

I received the following link through Twitter which should explain why this happens: mattstow.com/...gn-in-ie10-on-windows-phone-8.html

But I'm not sure why things were working nicely previously. I suppose someone should just diff the the 2.2.1 and 2.3.1 and revert the changes which are causing this issue :)