Just a last minor update to both the Blazor.CommandButton and to Blazor.EventAggregator: Both of the libraries now target ASP.NET Core 3 RC 1.

The Blazor.Page component, which was released earlier this week already targets RC1 so it didn’t need an update.

Here’s a short summary of all the Blazor components mentioned above:


Blazor.EventAggregator is a lightweight Event Aggregator for Blazor. Event aggregator is used for indirect component to component communication. In the event aggregator pattern you have message/event publishers and subscribers. In the case of Blazor, a component can publish its events and other component(s) can react to those events.

Project home: https://github.com/mikoskinen/Blazor.EventAggregator

Nuget: https://www.nuget.org/packages/EventAggregator.Blazor/


Blazor.CommandButton is a lightweight button component for Blazor. CommandButton provides support for setting a guard method or property to the button. Guard methods allow you to disable or enable buttons based on some conditions. Example: If you have a button which runt the method SaveCustomer, with Blazor.CommandButton you can add a boolean property named CanSaveCustomer, which can then enable or disable the SaveCustomer-button.

Project home: https://github.com/mikoskinen/Blazor.CommandButton

Nuget: https://www.nuget.org/packages/CommandButton.Blazor/


Blazor.Page is a component designed to be used as the base component for your Blazor Pages. It offers two features for your pages: Ability to set and get page titleand ability to set data context for your page. Data context can be used similar to ViewModels in MVVM or similar to PageModels in Razor Pages

Project home: https://github.com/mikoskinen/Blazor.Page

Nuget: https://www.nuget.org/packages/Page.Blazor