.NET Core 3.0 has arrived and that means Blazor is here! Happy days!

I’m still little gutted that the Razor Page & Blazor interop was scaled down so near the release as we were looking forward to enhancing our Razor Pages with a bit of Blazor magic. But at last we can still include complete Blazor pages next to Razor Pages as shown in the “Combining Razor and Blazor Pages in a Single ASP.NET Core 3 Application” post couple weeks ago. That tutorial is for last preview release of .NET Core 3 but should work without any code changes with the 3.0.

As .NET Core 3.0 is here, that means Blazor.EventAggregator, Blazor.Page and Blazor.CommandButton have all been updated to .NET Core 3.0. For a short introduction of these components, please see the previous post “Blazor.CommandButton and Blazor.EventAggregator updated for ASP.NET Core 3 RC1”.

So, what’s next? I’m happy to say that work with Blazor.AdaptiveCards is almost complete and the first release is near. As the name suggests, Blazor.AdaptiveCards will bring AdaptiveCards to Blazor and I’m quite happy of the implementation. Here’s a sneak peek:


Also, now that the server side version of Blazor is done (or at least officially released), WebAssembly-version of Blazor is quite likely starting to more attention from Microsoft and from community. Making sure that all the controls mentioned above work nicely with WebAssembly version of Blazor is a priority. There’s no known issues but more testing is needed.