Welcome to the first ever NServiceBus Weekly. As the name suggests, these posts will concentrate on the latest happenings around the NServiceBus. New post is released once a week, every Wednesday.

There’s going to be few different sections:

Every section will concentrate on NServiceBus. Also, any feedback is greatly appreciated. Please let me know if I missed an interesting link.

Because this is the first NServiceBus Weekly, we have an extra section: NServiceBus. This section will contain links to articles and web pages which will give you a good introduction on this popular open source service bus for .NET Framework, founded by Udi Dahan.. Also this week’s NServiceBus Weekly will contain links which are older than one week. Starting from the next post, I will concentrate on the latest happenings.


  • NServiceBus homepage – This is the home of NServiceBus. It contains documentation, download links and license information. Start from here.
  • NServiceBus official documentation – Unlike some other open source projects, NServiceBus actually has a pretty good documentation. The FAQ on there front page will get you started quickly.
  • NServiceBus source code – Even though GitHub isn’t the official place for NServiceBus source code, it’s the easies way to get the latest codes.
  • NServceBus samples – NServiceBus source code contains a large number of sample applications. Pub/sub, logging, ASP.NET communication, WCF integration and so on, they all are covered in the sample applications.
  • NServiceBus discussion board  – NServiceBus Yahoo! group is the main source of NServiceBus related discussions. You can use Yahoo’s own web page or Grouply to follow the discussion.
  • Enterprise service bus – NServiceBus is an enterprise service bus. This Wikipedia article will give you a good introduction on the topic.


  • "Still OSS, but higher value offerings not free in binary form." – NServiceBus has taken the next step: It now offers a commercial option. The NServiceBus source code will continue to be open and anybody can still fork the code. The commercial version will offer more features like distributor, gateway and saga timeout management.  This change was made “In order to save #NServiceBus from the same fate as other OSS projects (victims of their success)”. The current 2.0 version will remain completely free. The next service pack of 2.0 version will be called 2.5.
  • NServiceBus License Packages – If you’re interested in the features provided by the commercial licenses, this page will give you all the details.
  • NServiceBus Developer Studio – Not much is known about the up-coming NServiceBus Developer Studio. Currently it seems that it will be a commercial application and it will allow the developers to visualize what is happening inside the NServiceBus. More news to follow, I’m sure.

Tutorials and Articles


Here’s also an list of blogs which have been active lately and have posts related to NServiceBus. Please let me know if I missed something.

Got an interesting NServiceBus related link? Did I miss something? Link not working? Please, send mail or contact @MikaelKoskinen.