New tutorials, community projects and NServiceBus patches. Not a bad week.


  • Ask your questions on DDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing, NServiceBus - Q&A Session – Udi Dahan is giving a free event on DDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing, and NServiceBus. Event is scheduled to 14th of September and it’s located in London.
  • Project Changes – Current revision: 1336. In the past week bugs related to testing were fixed, new 2.5 trunk was created and an encryption specific sample was added (plus some other changes).  The trunk-version of NServiceBus (3.0) will be updated with a newer version of TopShelf (which is the nice project behind the generic host).

Tutorials and Articles

  • Event based interop with Service Broker – Great post by Andreas Öhlund on how to get NServiceBus and SQL Server Service Broker to work together.
  • Getting Started with NServiceBus Part 4: Handling Messages – Adam Fyles continues his great series where NServiceBus is used to improve the Music Store web app. This time Adam shows how one can implement a good UI by displaying changes on the client before the NServiceBus has processed the relevant messages.
  • NServiceBus for Admins – Sorry, this link is older than a week but it’s a definite must read for everyone. This slide deck presents the overall architecture of NServiceBus very thoroughly.


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