Hi again and welcome to the third edition of NServiceBus Weekly. Hope you all had a good week. 


  • Project Changes - Current revision: 1349. Developer team is keeping it going, adding a total of 13 new revisions into the NServiceBus repository. Highlights are the simplified Full Duplex sample in the 2.5 branch and bug fixes related to the testing library. Check out the repository history to get all the details.

Tutorials and Articles

  • Extending NServiceBus - Moukarram Kabbash takes an interesting look on the subject of extending NServiceBus. In the process he creates a solution which allows to compress the delivered messages in order to save bandwidth. Though he also points out that NServiceBus is missing a one crucial interface: IMapIncomingTransportMessages.
  • NServiceBus Distributor: Replying to client from the worker - Small tutorial which shows how the workers are able to deliver the replies back to the client when NServiceBus distributor is in use.
  • Fix It! NServiceBus Host Crashes with TNS-less Oracle Connections - Short and to the point post by Adam Files on how to fix the crashing NServiceBus Host when using Oracle with TNS-less connections.


This wraps up the NServiceBus Weekly #3. Let me know if I missed something and keep up writing those interesting NServiceBus related topics. See you again next week.

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