Our latest NServiceBus Weekly may seem short but I think that the tutorials and articles will keep you busy for the next week. Included are excellent posts by Jonathan Oliver and Adam Fyles and also a hour and a half long video podcast by Udi Dahan.

Tutorials and Articles


  • Win Service getting permission denied to Message Queuing- For those users struggling with the NServiceBus in Windows 7 environment. Bob The Janitor found a solution to his own problem by modifying the permissions.
  • NServiceBus and .Net 1.1 – Vijay would like to use NServiceBus with .NET Framework 1.1. Unfortunately that’s not supported. Ducttapeman points out a really good reason for upgrading your 1.1 applications to a newer framework: Microsoft is not supporting the 1.1 version anymore.

That’s it for today.

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