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Tutorials and Articles


  • NServiceBus and Windows Identity Foundation - From the Yahoo NServiceBus Group, Periop IT asks for advices regarding WIF (Windows identity foundation) and NServiceBus. 
  • Biztalk integration with NServiceBus - Highly interesting question by shawn. Udi jumps in and points out that some of the interoperability issues between NServiceBus and Biztalk has been fixed in the 2.5 version.
  • New NSB user - architectural/design questions - Couple interesting answers to this architecture related question. What is a system and what is a service? Read on to find out.
  • Design/guidelne - Similar to the previous question, this one deals with the architecture of NServiceBus systems.
  • Multicast with NSB - Andreas Öhlund and Udi Dahan help Alberto to define what is the role of NServiceBus in his system. Contains many good answers, be sure to check them out.

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