Believe it or not, my LG Optimus 7 is not receiving the push notifications anymore and the only thing I can blame is the first update. I've tried to test this with freely available apps and also with a custom app and they both show the same problem: The phone isn't receiving the notifications.

I created a small app and service to test this out. When run through the WP7-emulator, the emulator properly receives the notifications. But when deployed and run from the device, the notifications get lost. The service is using WindowsPhone.Recipes.Push.Messages to send the toast notifications. When the service is run through the debugger, it seems that everything is working proberly. Here's two screenshots. The first message shows the MessageSendResult when the notification is sent to the emulator and the second picture show the MessageSendResult of sending the notification to the actual device.



As you can see, from the notification's sender perspective everything is working OK. The NotificationStatus and SubscriptionStatus are the same in both cases, but only the emulator is receiving the notifications.

Like I mentioned, the problem seems to affect every app. Any ideas? Previously things have worked OK and I have couple apps which I have developed and tested with the same phone. And now the phone is ignoring the notifications from both of those applications.