I'm going to post few "lessons learned" articles about the Windows Phone 7 app development in the coming days. Thus far couple apps have seen the daylight, both of which are quit different.

First app is Teletext Finland, which was quite an interesting development experience from the performance's point of view. The app only has one view, but it contains a smooth scrolling listbox of up to 900 images (teletext pages), where every image can contain around 20 child images (the child pages). Keeping in mind the WP7's limit of 90Mb's mem per app, getting rid of the not visible images was maybe the most important technical aspect of the application's architecture.

The second app is SM-Liiga Center, which is an app for all the Finnish elite league hockey fans. From architecture's perspective it is completely different than Teletext Finland. SM-Liiga Center takes heavy use of MVVM and Caliburn.Micro and it provides push notifications.

But more about both of the apps later.